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Big Bear Lifestyle Family Session Cody Krogman Photography

Continuing the Lifestyle session highlight…

As you can tell by the pictures – this bunch was a hoot!  I was invited to join their family vacation in Big Bear California for a few hours to capture some family pictures and a fishing session with the kids.  You can see from some of the outtakes the little people kept me on my toes the whole time and I loved it!  I had worked with one of the families previously and their kids remembered me.  Knowing that I was coming they made me a very sweet drawing which I still have today over 2 years later.  Sitting here in single digit cold Missouri I am definitely missing sunny Southern California today!… oh wait there’s the horrific traffic though. Never mind, had a lapse in judgement! I remember how bad the traffic is and I am now happy to endure this cold weather in Missouri knowing each day brings me closer to spring.  There is no end in sight for that traffic.  These pictures do make me want to go fishing though!