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Mentoring and Studio Rental

Studio Rental

Cody rents out her studio space geared towards beauty, boudoir, and fashion based shoots on an hourly basis. Within her french country home there are 3 bedrooms specifically decorated with shooting in mind and other communal rooms in the home can be used as well.  The studio areas have an abundance of natural light.  There are also private outdoor shooting options on 13 acres of land.  Free wifi and full kitchen access are included.  There is one basic portable backdrop system and two soft box lights on site.

Pricing is as follows –

$150 per hour

$500 for 4 hours

$800 for 10 hours

Please contact Cody directly through this web site for studio rental.

Photographer Mentoring Session

Cody loves to help people and share the knowledge and experience she has!  Since arriving in Saint Louis, Cody has been contacted by multiple wedding and beauty photographers as well as other small business owners to help aid in business start up basics.  Because of this, she is now offering one on one mentoring sessions.  She can help you navigate the internet for your business listing, find your target market and possible marketing avenues, connect you with other relevant industry entrepreneurs, discuss contracts and editing workflow, and even help you design a plan for stylized shoots.  This part of the mentoring session is designed for someone who is within the first year of their business or someone taking their business from a hobby to a professional level.  Cody will cover basic concepts but they took her months of researching when she first went into business 5 years ago.  It’s an overwhelming process and many times people are lost before they even get started!  This mentoring session can help ease that stress.  The second part of the mentoring session is geared towards professionals of all levels and will  include camera time with a stylized session planned by Cody. In your pre – planning email, you will discuss with Cody what your passion is out of Beauty, Engagement, and Wedding photography and a stylized shoot will be customized specifically for your mentoring session.  No two sessions will be the same!  Models, hair and make,  and setup will all be provided by Cody.  You will get tips on posing, directing your client, and how to connect to get those amazing emotional shots you long to see!

It is important to note that Cody only takes on one complete mentoring session per month because of the tremendous amount of work that goes into each session and during wedding season these sessions must take place on a week day.  All sessions take place in House Springs, Missouri.

Complete Mentoring Session: includes pre – planning, up to 8 hours of in person consultation combining business 101, question and answer, planned stylized session, fresh and healthy meals, as well as 1 follow up meeting lasting up to 1 hour to cover any additional questions.


Business 101 Stand Alone Mentoring Session: includes up to 3 hours of in person consultation regarding business basics, question and answer, and 1 follow up meeting lasting up to 1 hour to cover any additional questions.