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Wedding goodness still to come – Cody Krogman Photography Saint Louis Wedding Photographer

I have been working extra hard on getting my new web site up to date! Wait, Hold the bus you’re thinking – didn’t you load this puppy back in September? Yes, Yes I did.  Then we had a tornado that decided to mosey on through our front yard.  Needless to say it proved to be a little distraction for us and since it was right in the middle of wedding season, my web site update was put on hold.  But now our Chimney is back in place, garage door is reattached, and project “Cody is now becoming a web designer” is now in place.

Prophoto is amazing!  I have been on the search for a platform where I can do continual updates to my web site without it looking like a second grader put it together *cough, cough wix*.  I finally found it!  I purchased the add on template Belle, though the ones that come with the program for free are beautiful as well, and I am just super impressed at the easy of implication!  I have found my new virtual BFF!

So now that the foundation of my web site has been set I will work on uploading more goodness for the curious brides who are browsing my site.  Please check back frequently!