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What To Expect

Welcome to your custom photography photo session! For any session with Cody, you should come relaxed and ready to be yourself. She is not your typical “smile and pose” photographer; instead she strives to capture the heart of the subject in front of the lens. Because of this, pictures will range from a small smirk, to a belly laugh and even the occasional serious face. This is all part of Cody’s unique style and what sets her apart from other photographers. Please browse through the galleries to ensure you share the same vision as her artistic style is consistent for each photo shoot.

All shoots will take place on location. If you would like suggestions Cody will be happy to give you different options. Parks, beaches, urban areas and even your home can make an amazing backdrop to give you beautiful photos. A travel fee will apply if your location of choice is more than 30 miles outside of Saint Louis, MO.

Clothing choices should complement the person or family’s personality but should lean more toward timeless pieces rather than super trendy. No logo’s! Cody recommends that everyone NOT wear the exact same color but rather wear colors from the same color families i.e. pastels, muted, neutrals, etc. It works well if at least 3 outfit choices are available to choose from at the photo shoot. Cody also encourages you to allow your personalities to shine through! If your son or daughter has a special super hero or princess outfit that they wear on a daily basis then please feel free to bring it on the day of the shoot. This same request goes for any special toys or snacks that your child cannot live without.

One of Cody’s favorite things is to plan a stylized shoot that will be completely original and give you pictures that reflect your family perfectly. Contact her today to plan this customized shoot or choose from the basic packages listed in the pricing section.

Please email or call Cody to confirm your date is available and to set up your booking. Payment is expected in full when booking a lifestyle session. Credit/Debit Card Payments are accepted through her online booking system or Cash payments can be made in person. Because the date and time will be set aside specifically for you no refunds will be issued. However, you can reschedule your date up to 2 times if illness or a scheduling conflict arises. Cody is based out of Saint Louis, Missouri but provides her services worldwide.